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Tracking conversations about your organization can be daunting. Save time and streamline the process by automating the discovery of discussions happening across major social media platforms with Social Media Listening. Dig deeper to find out what is driving social media conversations about your brand with robust analysis and reporting features.


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Are You Listening?

Ensure you are part of the conversation with real-time social listening tools.

Profile Monitoring

Actively track and analyze the activity and content of specific profiles that are important to your brand.

Real-Time Alerts

See posts, conversations, hashtags, and trends in real time, with social media listening tools.

Sentiment Analysis

Identifies whether the post or tweet containing your keyword(s) was positive, neutral, or negative.

Engagement Tracking

Visualize the impact of your posts through engagement metrics (likes, hearts, shares, reweets, and emojis).

Identify Influencers

Quickly identify the influencers that create the most content for your keywords, or sort by the number of followers they have.

Issue Detection

Keeping tabs on the conversations about your topics allows you to quickly intervene and avoid potential damage to your brand’s image.

Visualize User Engagement

Two social media listening screen shots from the monitoring platform, one showing emojis and the other showing hashtags from posts.

Quickly Identify Sentiment and Engagement

Hashtags and emojis often reflect the emotional tone of a post. Positive emojis like 😄 or hashtags such as #love and #excited indicate positive sentiment, while negative emojis like 😢 or hashtags such as #angry and #frustrated suggest negative sentiment. By visually seeing the prevalence of positive versus negative emojis and hashtags, you can quickly understand the sentiment associated with the posts containing your keywords.

The use of emojis and hashtags also reflects audience engagement and participation. Popular hashtags and emojis indicate topics that are resonating with the audience and generating interest or excitement. Conversely, the absence of engagement indicators may suggest a lack of interest or relevance.


Of Americans use one or more social media platforms

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